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Perfume turns out to have a high historical value and exceptional benefits

Perfume has been used throughout history for a variety of reasons. Perfume has proven to be a valuable commodity in the modern perfume industry turnover of billions every year. Perfume is a luxury, not a necessity, but its popularity is growing every year. The reason behind this is the enjoyment for the wearer, and enjoyment of this type comes from the perceived benefit is the effect of perfume on our brains that have a positive impact on the body.

Any smell, whether natural or artificial, emit molecules that enter the nose and eventually reach the olfactory epithelium. Part of this nose has many receptor neurons, each of which is discussed on the hairs called cilia. Trap cilia send a message to the brain that allows a person to recognize the perfume. This is important because some studies have shown that people with no sense of smell have a less happy life than those who can smell; aroma also trigger emotions and affect mood.

As a result of the findings, perfume increasingly diverse aroma and benefits. In fact we can make your own perfume. Aromatherapy Perfume studying the effects of natural botanical perfume ingredients, usually in the form of oil in its purest state. By looking at the effects on mood and general well-being, and apply the knowledge by improving the perfume in the environment and offers a variety of aromatherapy services aimed at improving the lives of people. Aromachology apply the same approach that provides scents, from flowers to sand, and the current findings are helping manufacturers worldwide perfume. The ingredients used in perfume may improve your concentration and improve our mood.

Perfumes that contain ingredients such as ginger and sandalwood claimed by aromatherapists and aromachologists have the same stimulating effect on brain neurons. Stimulation of the increase in the use of perfume assists in many everyday tasks, more focused study, and a balanced weight loss to an increase in the immune system.

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