3 Easy Ways to Practice Temperature Therapy at the Office

Muscle cramps are no laughing matter, particularly when they occur with alarming regularity. Unlike you, these cramps don’t operate according to a schedule – and they have no qualms about striking while you’re at the office. Attempting to go about the workday while being beset by muscle cramps is nothing short of agonizing, and no one should have to contend with such pain. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to practice temperature therapy at the office and send workday cramps packing.

1. Keep a Heat Pad Handy

Heat pads are time-tested tools for relieving cramps and dispelling pain. If heat pad application is your preferred method of hot and cold therapy, make sure to keep one in your workspace. No one’s going to bat an eye if you heat the pad up in the break room microwave – in fact, doing so may inspire similarly-afflicted coworkers to follow by example. Alternatively, if you prefer the plug-in variety of heat pad, be meticulous about unplugging it after each application. Leaving these pads plugged in indefinitely has been known to lead to electrical fires.

2. Have a Comfortable Neck Wrap at the Office

In recent years, neck wraps have become an increasingly popular tool for treating cramps. If your muscle cramps are concentrated in your neck, one of these wraps can make all the difference. To ensure that you’re never caught without a neck wrap, buy one to keep at home and one for your workstation. As the name suggests, these wraps comfortably fit around your neck and shoulders and serve to dispel any pain that’s concentrated in those areas. Like heat pads, neck wraps can be warmed up in microwaves and retain heat for up to an hour.Unlike heat pads, however, these wraps offer a lot in the way of flexibility.

3. Make Sure Icepacks are Always Accessible

If you prefer to treat your muscle cramps with extreme cold, keep a few icepacks handy at all times. In addition to keeping a steady supply of them at home, take care to stick a few icepacks in your place of business’s break room freezer. This ensures that you’ll be ready to tackle any unexpected flare-ups that occur during the work hours.

Working is stressful enough without the presence unwelcome muscle cramps. The next time these cramps rear their ugly head, make sure you’re ready for them. With the help of heat pads, neck wraps and icepacks, you’ll be able to kick your cramps to the curb and carry on with the workday.

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